6 comments on “Upcoming Events

  1. Loved the event yesterday 100 year of bolly…..
    Can’t recall that beautiful song, 2nd or 3rd song at the start of the concert at no. 2 or 3 song sung – a very old song (not ek pyar ka nagma), for which Avijit said it is his favourite. Could you pl. tell me which one
    Would like to join / try the academy for vocal/ instrumental. When are the new sessions starting?

  2. Hi Avijit ji
    I m Parimal Ghelani from RAJKOT – GUJARAT – INDIA. I came to knew about you from Mr.JP, Jayprakash Tanna of NSW. I am also a Musician Cum Exporter Businessman having various business like Petrol Stations & others. My age 60, presently devoting daily 4 hours at night to Music, creating KARAOKE tracks in my own Personal Recording Studio. My website : http://www.karaokehindi.com

    I m also having my own group of “Non-Professional Singers” like Doctors, Engineers, Chartered Accountants, House Wives. Performing Stage Show every 3 months in Best Auditorium of Gujarat having capacity of 1076 spectators for Free of Cost for INVITEES.

    I m in Music field from last 35 years. Will be in touch.

  3. Hi , Avijit.
    Can you please include me on your mailing list for future musical nights/ events.

    Regards, Arvind Joshi, Concord.

  4. Dear Avijit,

    I have been attending your concerts off and on when I get to know through my friends. I have always enjoyed these evenings and do respect your dedication towards benefiting mankind and helping find a cure for cancer.

    Is it possible for you to put me on your mailing list so that i and wife can become regulars at these events and contribute to good causes through you.



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