Avijit Sarkar – Vocals
Srijani Dan – Vocals for youngsters and one-one sessions on SUNDAY
Darshik Bhagat – Keyboards (Beginners)
Abhijit Dan – Tabla
Trained by Indian music Maestro Pt. Swapan Chaudhury, Abhijit Dan is one of the most accomplished Tabla players of Australia. Tabla, the unique Indian instrument of rhythm, caught Abhijit’s attention at a tender age and his formative skills were honed with Shri Harihar Das of Lukhnow gharana. He was Awarded ‘Sangeet Bhushan’ from Prachin Kala Kendra of Chandigarh, one of the reputed organisations of music in India, Abhijit has accompanied many artists of international fame like Partha Bose (Sitar), Debashsis Bhattacharjee (Sarod) et al Today, Abhijit continues to learn and grow in his chosen sphere of music and had been a regular radio and television artist in India. His notable contribution in involving himself in promoting multi-cultural music has been participation in the National Multicultural Festival 2009 in Canberra.Besides being an outstanding performer as a Tabla player, Abhijit has been a keen music composer and has been a part of several music albums launched in India.


8 comments on “Teachers

  1. Hi There, I would like my daughter 8 years old to learn vocal, I noticed that you have group and one on one sessions on Sunday. Since this will be her first time, what do you recommend for her to join? One on one or group? I really want her to learn and be able to perform so need you to advise ?. Also if she could learn vocal with key board would be nice. Please advise what class she should join so she can learn both vocal and keyboard together at one time?

  2. Hi Avijit,

    I would like to enroll my 6 year old for music classes.can you please let me know about the courses.


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