Vocal and Keyboard Practice Cds (Vol 1 and Vol 2)

These Cds have been recorded and produced by Avijit Sarkar and they contain the essential vocal paltas or exercises that are needed to train up the voice. Avijit believes that these exercises are the “bread and butter” for music students and the practice of these alone can enhance the vocal tone and singing techniques to remarkable levels. The Cds are available in the keys G#, Bb, B, C# and D#. Each exercise has been recorded in three different tempos/speeds or “laya”.  These CDs have been recorded in a “sing along” style so that one gets accompaniment during practice sessions at home. The cost of each CD is AUD $10.

Rhythms Cd (Vol 1)

The Rhythms Cd (Vol 1) is a special CD recorded by Avijit Sarkar to bring together a collection of commonly used Indian rhythms used in Bollywood songs and in classical compositions. The CD contains the taals: Dadra, Keharva, Roopak and Teentaal. The collection offers several variations for each taal with each variation recorded in three different tempos or “laya”. This is a very useful CD that can be used for practicing songs at home when you do not have a percussion player with you.  The cost of this CD is AUD $10.

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