The centre focuses on both the traditional and contemporary styles in each subject. A unique“performance based” teaching methodology has been adopted for all subjects related to Music, Drama and Dance. Each course structure will be built around performances and concerts. There will be a concert/performance at the end of each term and a final grand concert will be held at the end of each year. This will ensure that a milestone is defined at the beginning of each term that needs to be achieved by students.

The courses will be complimented with specialised workshops which will be conducted from time to time. The academy is in the process of negotiating with artists from India who would be invited to conduct some of these workshops. Every course has fully documented course structures, time tables and study notes. Subjects are taught by qualified teachers who are experienced in both the theoretical and practical aspects of each subject.


4 comments on “Courses

  1. Hey!! I am Ratnanjali, live in Blacktown area..I had learned Hindustani sangeet back in India ..Now after coming to Sydney, I want to continue what I had learned..Do u guys offer course in Hindustani Sangeet..

    • Apologies for the late reply…. the website was down. I will be back from holidays on 25th FEB. My classes 9including classical) will restart on SAT 4th MARCH 11am to 12 pm). You can write to me then or better still, come and see me at the classes.

  2. Hi …I am interested in learning light bollywood singing, could you please notify me about the classes & structure.Where would the classes he held.? I live in Harris Park, was looking close to my place.


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