Avijit Sarkar    – 0425 275 883

Rosehill  NSW 2142

(off: Eleanor St and around the corner from the Swaminarayn Temple)


6 comments on “Contact

  1. Hi
    Hi I wish to learn Keyboard and Vocal training. I am an adult person but an had no previous vocal training. I have started to practice some sargam on my Harmonium recently at home. Please advise when is the right time to join.

  2. Myself Amey Anand. I read your article in ‘’ about multi talented artists. I liked your article a lot. It encouraged me a lot. Please help me sir. I am a good vocal singer, mimicry artist, a good actor, writer and orator. I got all the above talents but i am unable to decide which to take as career and which to continue as hobby. I think all multi talented persons face this type of problem. And another confusion is i have well settled family business. My grand father started stone industry in 1975. And now my father is looking after that business since 30 years. Now my father is 62 years of old and i am the only son from whom they are expecting to continue the business. Actually i dont have interest in family business but even though i told him that i will try to create interest in business but the problem is there is no scope for my talents in that village where our business is situated… Please help me to come out of this confusion. I did in 2009 and since then i am doing nothing due to this career confusion… Please help me sir.

  3. I am enquiring for the vocal & instrument classes for my 5 years old daughter. She is fond of music and has a very good voice too.

  4. Hello Avijit Sir,

    Hope you are well.
    I wanted to enquire about music lessons in Hindustani classical music. I have learnt Indian classical from prayag gharana and have exams till 2nd year. I wanted to get back to music and continue my learning and go back to give yearly exams.

    Please advise me.

    Kind Regards

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