4 comments on “About Avijit

  1. hi! jst remembered u! so visited ur site! god! u r d same old avijit! jack of all trades master of all! musician, singer(cant forget ur hemant kumar songs in school), poet, painter, writter, cartoonist…. what not! i rarely sit on a computer. i do not need one! yeah! even in today`s world! so if u can send me ur mobile no, i can be in tch with u by sms or may be talk to u. this is my son abhijeet`s email id. of course u can reply on ths addrs. wn r u cmg to india? u had made a mention of ur daughtr`s weddg last year.. m doing ok here. written 4 books on art techniques. details later. awaitg ur reply! c.s.pant, st xaviers, a`bad.

  2. Avijit has is still the same..of what we saw him at school..passionate about his music-voice of Hemant & Kishore,,Da..may be now more additions to his already rich repository of notes from evergreen stalwarts…He sees creativity in music just as the same he did in maths & has maintained his olden grace laced with his newer acheivements over the years…When I read his mind creative mag I am reminded of good old school days..Superb Avijit…May your tribe increase………….loves………..Narendra

  3. Hi Avijit,
    My name is Sudhir Talwar and I play
    Hormonica and song Hai Apna dil toh awara.
    I m interested to meet you and see how I can

    Sudhir Talwar

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